Downtown Portland's Historic Specialty Drug Store

Central Drugs, Portland  Oregon

Welcome to Central Drugs, a family owned pharmacy providing specialty patient care products and services located in the heart of downtown Portland, since 1903.  With a focus of serving individuals with complex conditions, Central Drugs is able to incorporate the passion and principles of a classic “hometown pharmacy” with the latest in specialty pharmacy management and technology.

Walk through our doors, and you may wonder if you've stepped back in time.  Our staff is accessible, friendly, caring and knowledgeable.  We differentiate ourselves among other pharmacies providing specialty pharmacy products and services due in part to our retail accessibility (located at the same location in downtown Portland for 110 years).  The team at Central Drugs believes our continued success through the years is due to the genuine caring we have for our customers coupled with a passion to continuously improve and innovate.  The desire to serve the community has led us in many directions - from providing proprietary medication packaging to help our customers stick with their medication regimes, provider services, delivery services, and enhanced consulting, to advocating for consumer rights to medication accessibility.  Stop by our pharmacy, give us a call, or drop us an email and experience our superb service for yourself.


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