Central Drugs Difference

Founded in 1903, Central Drugs has shifted from being solely a local community pharmacy to a respected and well-known, independent, family-owned and operated pharmacy in Portland, Oregon providing specialty care products and services for individuals living with complex conditions.  Central Drugs is capable of interfacing with electronic medical record platforms at clinics through HL7 interfaces as well as can make patient onboarding seamless through coordinating with your office to set up read only access to electronic medical records as well as we promote convenient and efficient communication through secure electronic messaging  with your team through CareAccord.

Central Drugs understands that in addition to offering to providers prescription benefits reconciliation information, proactive management of refills and prior authorizations, patient compliance programs, adherence packaging,  home delivery solutions, complimentary medication disposal programs, and the  proactive identification and enrollment into patient assistance and copayment assistance programs and many other specialty solutions, Central Drugs understands that the relationship with providers does not stop after the patient onboarding process.

Central Drugs can offer to providers regular updates on a patient’s progress, side-effects and persistency information that can help a provider and his/her team efficiently manage patient care.

Central Drugs Recommends Cover my Meds

Cover My Meds

Central Drugs is committed to making it easy for patients to receive the right medication, at the right time and at the lowest cost. CoverMyMeds helps physicians and pharmacists complete Prior Authorization and other insurance coverage determination forms for any drug and almost all drug plans.

 This free service helps healthcare providers quickly figure out if a specific medication is covered on a patient's insurance.

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